Selkirk Neurology providers are active partners in advancing Telehealth developments that create broader access to Neurology telemedicine. We have years of experience serving patients in choosing this option for care and capable staff to guide you along the way.

Telemedicine visits are a convenient way to engage with your Selkirk care team through a variety of tech sources.

Patients and care partners can work alongside providers and clinical staff from the comfort of their homes or chosen location.

Call our office to schedule follow-up care, reschedule an existing in-clinic visit or get more information!


  1. Prior to your visit: You will receive an appointment confirmation email from AthenaHealth with the URL link to access your provider        at your scheduled appointment time.
  2. A Reminder Message: Via email or text message per your preferred method of contact on file with the practice will also lead you to        this URL link to access your visit.
  3. AthenaTelehealth messages provide: The details of your visit and the URL to access your Telehealth session.
  4. Your Initial confirmation email: Includes a link to a convenient pre-appointment device check. This gives you the opportunity to test      and troubleshoot your device settings well before your appointment.
  5. You may also access the URL for your session at any time by viewing ‘Appointment Details’ in your Patient Portal.
  6. On the day of your appointment: Office staff may check you in over the phone prior if necessary.
  7. If at any point: You are unable to locate the link you may request that it be resent from the Patient Portal.
  8. You may always call the office to request your link be re-sent or for additional assistance. Office Direct Line 509-473-0885.
  9. Telehealth instruction are available here