Movement Disorders Program

Selkirk Neurology is a proud care partner with local and national organizations working to provide education and support to patients and caregivers working to live and thrive while facing the daily challenges of a PD diagnosis.

A number of reputable academic and non-profit institutions provide high-quality and peer-reviewed patient education materials for Parkinson’s patients and caregivers on everything from information for the newly diagnosed to research and resources regarding personal wellness, mental health, and quality of life for those with PD and movement disorders.

They may provide a diverse range of resources and connections with up-to-date guidance to aid your active participation in living your best self with a diagnosis of PD; whether serving your goals in managing our daily care, communicating your needs and goals with your provider and care team, building valuable social and wellness connections in your community, advancing research efforts or working to help raise awareness about PD with local and national groups.